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Miley Cyrus Getting Nasty On The Denmark Stage! Have A Look!!

Miley Cyrus has been in the news for many things in the past few days. Be it for her Black mirror role, the new song, or the new single in Charlie’s Angle. But she has been seen to be more excited for her Denmark concert, where she definitely set the stage on fire. Her Instagram is flooding with clips of yesterday’s performance. Not only that she had been so excited that she even shared behind the scenes and other pictures before her concert. So, let’s have a look at what all went down at the concert!

Dance, Music and Nastiness!

While the stage was full of loud music and mesmerizing voice of Miley. The crowd also saw her sensuous dance moves, with hip swirls and head-bangs. Amongst all the music and fast beat, it felt the audience could not even match up to the energy Miley showed on the stage.


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Recently, Miley uploaded a few clips and pictures from the concert and we must say we could feel the energy even through our screens. Just a few minutes back she took to her Instagram to share video clips from yesterday. In one Miley can be seen doing floor dance, which for sure looks very intimidating. She captioned the post as,” I’m so motherf**king nasty #cattitude”.

Another post she captioned,” A Nile Crocodile A PIRANA bitch”. While she impressed the crowd with her amazing dance moves, the crowd was heard singing along with her!

She got it from her MAMA!

Adding to the excitement was the presence of Miley’s mom. While the mother-daughter duo was twining, we loved seeing them together. Tish Cyrus also accompanied her daughter on the stage, and seeing this the crowd lost it! The two looked so adorable, and we must say Tish has not aged even a day, she looks the same, young, sexy MAMA!

Miley took to her Instagram to share pictures with her mother. She captioned one of the posts as,” I’m a lot of things, ever-changing- but always have been and will always be my Mother’s Daughter and damnproud.” Well, we agree, even we are super proud of you Miley!


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In Other News!

It seems like Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Lana Del Ray have become the new musical trio for Charlie’s Angle.

The pop stars have come together for a new song for Elizabeth Banks ‘ Charlie’s Angels reboot’ movie. The enthusiastic, empowering, upbeat song can be heard in the new trailer for the film that came out on Thursday. the lyrics include Miley singing, “Keep your pretty mouth shut,” with Ariana following up with, “Don’t call me angel,” and Del Rey further adding, “We in it together but don’t call me an angel.”



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