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Surprising Ways Sex Affects The Brain.

Sex has always been hailed as one of the surest ways to make you feel good and connect with your partner.  It is also true that sex has some powerful benefits to your mental well being. It is interesting to note that as you age sex presents both short term and long term health benefits. Ranging from improvement of memory to lowering your stress levels, these are the top surprising ways that sex affects your brain.

A cocktail of chemicals is released during sex

Have you ever wondered why sex fees so good? Well, it is all thanks to the feel-good hormones that are released during the sexual activity. At this time our bodies are pampered with a flood of such hormones, thus helping light up the reward centers of the brain. Some of the most notable feel-good hormones released during sex include dopamine and oxytocin. Apart from making you feel good, the same chemicals may actually make you feel sleepy.

Sex lowers stress levels

Living in an age where stress levels among couples is at an all-time high, it is interesting to note that sex is a powerful antidote on the same. By creating some responses in several areas of the brain, sex creates a powerful impact both on our emotional and physical health and this includes the fact that it can become a powerful stress reliever. This stress relieving aspect come courtesy of oxytocin that helps regulate the levels of a stress hormone dubbed cortisol. Additionally the fact that there is usually a cerebral blood flow helps the brain process ones response to anxiety much easily.

Sex improves your memory as you age

It is only natural that the functionality of the brain tends to declines with age. However, according to a research done in Australia in 2018, it was noted that sex can indeed help improve memory as we get older. The research showed a direct correlation between sexual activity and memory performance among the older generation. What’s more frequent sex can also help improve the overall cognitive functions of the brain. Other notable benefits include verbal fluency and better vision.

Sex relieves pain

As much as many women may sometimes feign headaches as a way to avoid sex, research shows that indeed sex can help alleviate various forms of physical pain including that infamous migraine. According to a research done by neurologists, sex releases a set of endorphins that help offer pain relief. So the next time you feel the urge to go for that pill, opt for sex instead as this can prove even more effective.

Sex can be addictive

Just like anything that feels good, sex can cause the feeling of wanting more each day. This addictive effect comes courtesy of dopamine that activates the brain’s reward center. This is the same chemical response that affects people who get addicted to certain drugs.

With all said and done it becomes clear that sexids pleasurable. However, you can still enhance this by using the vibrating cock ring that improves the sexual pleasure between couples.

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