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“On My Block” Cast Demands Equal Pay To That Of “13 Reason Why”!! Before Season 3

“On My Block” Cast Demands Equal Pay To That Of “13 Reason Why”!! Before Season 3

Pay disparity has always been an issue in the entertainment industry. Whether it be between genders, different shows or between the cast. While we discuss of pay raise and salary hike, Netflix seems to be negotiating with one of the show’s cast asking for a hike. So, the show is none other than ” On My Block”. The lead cast of the Netflix show On My Block are in the middle of a fierce contract renegotiation with the streaming giant.

It’s time we call for a rise!

The comedy shows main cast Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray and Diego Tinoco are seeking for a salary hike from $ 20,000 per episode fee. They have been receiving this amount since the two season, and believe to want a hike in their pay for the third season. This rise is in comparison with the young ensembled cast of fellow Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. The renegotiation as been going since May, only a few weeks after the show was renewed for a third season.

A report says that the cast is seeking for $ 1.75 million rise for the entire eight-episode season or get $218,000 per episode. having seen all the figures and the negotiation talks. What we conclude is that it is still far less than what the supporting cast of 13 Reasons Why is earning. Sources tell that the On My Block leads are at least looking for an offer comparable to the pay of that of the supporting cast of 13 Reasons Why.

Why the issue of salary!?

While we see the huge disparity between the pay of the cast of different shows. We need to realize that the payment is highly dependent upon the produces and the TRP of the shows. Sources close to the negotiation deal also note that the Paramount TV that produces 13 Reasons Why is significantly a larger production house, which includes total domestic viewership and internationally. When compared to the comedy On My Block. While Netflix, like other streaming platforms, does not release viewership information, Vice President content Cindy Holland told the reporters at TCA last summer that 13 Reasons Why is “one of the most popular shows.”

In other New!

While we desperately wait for the season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, we have time to dawn over the issue of what will happen with Clay for recuing Tyler? At the end of season 2 we saw Tyler reaching school fully armed to commit mass school shooting. It was because of this disturbed state of mind after being sexually harassed by his fellow classmates. Saving Tyler might stir new storms in Clay’s life!

While that is what time will tell. As for now we only expect the third season to be released near end of this year.



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