Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott To Split? Here’s The Clarification On The Rumor

The rumors have no end! If we watch about Travis Scott Kylie Jenner’s relationship timeline, then this is not the first time we came across such rumors of the couple’s break up, regularly we come across such news. In December 2018 also it was rumored that Jenner and Scott had broken up because Scott was dishonest. But was this just a rumor?

Moreover, Scott posted those trolls on the Instagram story and he wrote that Trolls always want to create some fakes things and to destroy real love. Going overboard to makes it look like is not is evil. He hates acknowledging But he quits to try to take joy from which that’s good. He prays that god blocks out all evil.

How Did The Rumors Spread Up?

Fans believed that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have the most beautiful relationship in the world, these believe that disturbing reports come to throw some shade on the pair.

Firstly, Scott did the same thing on his post, and neither Jenner nor he commented or even liked each other’s post, which enlightens more breakup rumors. While both of them did not interact with each other on social media, blogger and entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni also did confirm that the couple spent the holiday together.

What? Is it true?

It was rumored that both of them got engaged as Kylie Jenner was also spotted wearing a huge rock on the ring in her finger. But it’s not sure these are rumors only that whether this couple will eventually get married or not.

Kylie Jenner is rumored having doubts that she will become Mrs.Astroworld. But she is not even sure that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him anymore. She feels to know that he is the one she wants to be with forever like she has not got to experience men.’

The moreover she said that she is very aware of how her money affected their marriage. She does not want Travis and she converses about a prenup or anything like that.

Furthermore, Travis was rumored that he was cheating on Kylie a while ago but on his birthday then the things seemed to be fine all over again and they were happy together. But this is not the first time that breaks up rumors have popped up for both of them.