Here’s The Shocking Reason Behind Selena Gomez Deleting Her Instagram.

Amongst many other reasons, comments by fans on the Bill Murray joke post happened to be the last thread.

The war of social media vs mental health is now being fought by Selena Gomez.

The 26-year-old recently revealed that she has the Instagram app deleted from her phone. When asked why she mentioned the toxic mess that the platform puts one in. Instagram is a worldwide place for anyone and everyone. However, it is due to the easy accessibility that people find themselves in a not so bright place. The place we’re referring to is negative comments and hate speeches.

Which became the same reason for Selena’s departure, despite having over 150million followers.

Remember when the “Kill ’em with kindness” hitmaker joked about marrying Bill Murray?

Last month during Cannes, Gomez shared a picture of her outfit on the red carpet. She captioned the said picture with the following caption.
“My first time in Cannes! I’m so honored to have been a part of this movie with Jim and the whole cast.
By the way, Bill Murray and I are getting married.”

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Gomez is a huge fan of Bill Murray. She is also starring alongside him for the upcoming horror comedy “The Dead Don’t Die”. Having shared the carpet with her favourite icon, Selena was overwhelmed. However, it was this joke that garnered negative attention from her “fans”.

Her comment section was struck down with “Justin Bieber found jealous” jokes. People even questioned why she looked like “that”. Despite knowing she suffers from lupus.

Gomez had already taken a break a month ago from Instagram because of the rude comments about her body. She told fans that its comments like these that shatter her self confidence. Or anyone else’s for that matter.

However, this time around, the negative energy seemed to have visited her again.

So after facing backlash for literally a joke, Gomez decided to delete the app completely.

In On Live With Kelly And Ryan, the pop sensation also spoke of the effects it has on the youth.

The societal norms of beauty is heavily represented on Instagram. Which makes young girls and boys fall prey to disturbed mental health. Instagram acts as a double agent to patriarchy. However, although there have been various movements for representation. They still cannot outnumber the whitewashed heavily photo-shopped “flat tummy is pretty” posts.

Gomez too began to stay fixated on the comments of her posts. Resulting in depression and shattered self-esteem. She said she’ll now use her friend’s phones to post pictures.

So, fans can take a breath of relief, because Selena’s profile is still up.