Do You Know Who is Beyonce’s Son Sir Carter Named After? Hear It Out!

Beyonce has always been very secretive about her personal life and especially about naming her children. Though we can still guess where the name Blue Ivy came from, what about the twins. Well, we finally have some intel, but we still can’t say if it is fully true!

Sir Carter named after Sir John!

So, we finally have confirmation came this week from Beyoncé’s longtime makeup artist that her boy is named after this amazing makeup artist. Beyoncé is known for safeguarding her life and has held the meaning and origins of her twins’ names as a secret.

In the latest interview with a blogger, Shayla, Beyoncé’s famous makeup artist Sir John who is behind giving the Queen Bee a good looking face confirmed that he is the person little Sir bears his name after.

All the children of Beyoncé have quite a unique name, and we would love to know where is the inspiration coming from. While Blue Ivy is inspired by a plants name, the naming of the twins has a story to itself which we still aren’t fully aware of.

In other news!

Well with the last phase of promotion in motion for the Disney live-action remake of the movie Lion King. The most awaited moment is here. The fans have been eagerly waiting for a song from Beyoncé, ever since it was announced that she is going to be part of the movie. Beyoncé is actually voicing for the leading female character of the movie Nala.

Simba and Nala sing along!

The new teaser launch, sees Simba and Nala cuddling over a ledge and singing the evergreen song ” Can you feel the love tonight”- by John Elton. Rather this new version is in the voice of Beyoncé and Donald Glover. Yes! it is a duet by these two great singers. And it is definitely sweeping away the floor under our feet. The songs are so beautifully sung that it surpassed the original!

Well, there is a piece of bad news also accompanying this beautiful song. As the original “Can You Feel The Love” won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 1995. It means that the remake will not be eligible for Oscars this time around.

With less than a month release of the film, the makers are yet not open about the soundtracks. Which also include the evergreen ” Hakuna Matata” and Circle of life!

The movie releases on the 19th of July and we can’t wait to watch it. To be honest we are more excited about the infamous soundtrack the movie will have.