Beyonce Being Approached By Emily Eavis For Glastonbury But Why Wasn’t She Booked?

“I spent years trying to book Beyoncé, but missed her set”

Emily Eavis, Glastonbury’s co-organiser opened up about the absolute turn of fate she faced. Eavis reportedly had spent years trying to book Beyonce for Glastonbury. However, she ended up missing her headline set of 2011.

This happened due to a family emergency. Emily had to face a mother’s worst nightmare when her new-born son was rushed to the hospital.

So just as the time for Beyonce’s performance came, Emily rushed to her baby. She revealed that she got a call that said her son is suspected with meningitis. She told BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs today, “My son was 10 days old and got quite ill during the festival. The pediatrician on site said, ‘I’m really sorry but you are going to have to take him to hospital with suspected meningitis’.”

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Which made her and her husband Nick Dewey, in a rush of terror, take their son George to the hospital.

However, after learning that her son was in fact in a better place. Emily said how she felt like she had missed the biggest moment of her life. Although happy about George’s condition, Eavis’ fate didn’t exactly work in her favour.

Emily did mention that she would have never in a million years ignored her son. She did what she could’ve done best. Still, however, being a fan, in a fans grief, she does wish things hadn’t turned out the way they did.

“Nothing mattered in that moment” she was heard saying. However, she ended up watching the “Crazy In Love” performance in the hospital itself. Trying to get as much as she could from the coin slot hospital TV. Much to her dismay, the TV kept cutting off.

When asked what Glastonbury means to her. Emily said that its all about creating a parallel universe. She mentioned that Glastonbury is all about people. It is for them to make the most of their lives. So it’s important that every moment is iconic. Every moment worth remembering and telling others for years on end.

She even mentioned that the true heart of the festival lies in the charity part. The show often contributes some part of its profits to various charities. However, unlike Coachella, it funds organisations that benefit the minorities. She even said how she knows that they will probably never sell out.

Meanwhile, Beyonce is all excited for her twins Sir and Rumi Carter to watch the upcoming Lion King. The live action movie has Beyoncé giving voice to Nala. The movie is all set to come on the 19th of July this year.