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Revealed! Nintendo Switch Mini Has Been Leaked! Look Out For The Details.

Rumors have been circling for some time now. These are about two possible new Nintendo Switch consoles. It is said that they are coming our way in the next year. According to reports, Nintendo is working on a more powerful version. Also a Nintendo Switch Mini model too. It seems that the smaller model could have just been leaked.

Where did the rumor start?

According to an online retailer, the console seems to be pretty real. The retailer has listed a load of “Nintendo Switch Mini” accessories. Nintendo has yet to announce anything. But the product listing shows a rounded, smaller version of the Nintendo Switch. Also with a built-in display. The entire controller layout on the front rather than having detachable Joy-Cons.

Expected features

Moreover, HonSon is a trusted gaming accessory company. So these products could indeed be real. They provide screen protectors, covers and cases for consoles. Also accessories for gaming hardware. The products they have listed are clearly not made for the original Nintendo Switch. ‘This is as it will not fit into some of the cases. This Nintendo Switch Mini could be the rumored cheaper model. This is what Nintendo is currently working on. A smaller display, built-in buttons, and the compact design will no doubt bring down the cost of the console. There are a few questions we have. This is such as how will it dock.


Also, how will motion games work with it? Guess we will have to wait until Nintendo actually announces it to know more. No one knows for sure when the new consoles will be revealed. The gamers are also excited that what the plan is for supporting all the accessories. The one that seems to not work on this smaller console. If the console is real it could also be replacing the popular Nintendo 3DS. This will be as Nintendo’s main handheld gaming device. All the credit and thanks to its extra portability features. This feature as well revealed in the leaks.

This means you won’t be able to change out your controllers. This is for a different color. If that’s something you want. Also, if a thumb-stick breaks, you’ll have to get the entire console replaced. Let us know your comments and views for the new Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for more updates for the console.

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