Everything You Need To Know About The New Love Island Addition – Tom Walker

The model might seem familiar to a few because of his appearances in various advertisements. He did ring a bell amongst the American viewers when he made his appearance in the show. Tom Walker is a 29-year-old model from Leeds. The new bombshell said that he fancies Michelle Keegan and would instantly fall in love with her look alike. He also mentioned that the supposed bro code will not come in the way of his love quest. So far, Tom has not yet been coupled up with any of the girls in Love Island. However, he did try to make a move on Maura. But the upfront islander said she wasn’t really interested in Walker and the way he tried to stick it on her.

Tom’s relationship status

As a matter of fact, the now eliminated Elma had also caught his attention, but much to his dismay he had to bid her adieu before he could even try to make his move. But being pissed off by Maura, will Tom be able to find love in the newly single islander named Lucie? Perhaps the new girl, Arabella might just catch his eye. There’s a lot to unpack. Although, Tom Walker is aware of his charming looks and the brooding body that he so proudly displays. He even rated himself an 8 out of 10 on the scale of good looks. He said he appreciates how he looks and wouldn’t have been modeling if he wasn’t a solid 8 at the least. Lastly, making sure that we know he is also complimented on his jawline.

Tom Walker

Although Tom says he’s a man’s man, he believes that no bro code will come in the way of what he wants. Walker also said that he is a loyal companion. But he made sure to be clear that the show’s concept is that of a wandering eye. He said that he wants to be able to make calculated decisions. Walker was heard saying that there’s no promising who would catch your eye and whom you could fall in love with. This is why he was clear that although he’s loyal he wouldn’t mess around too much but will also try and keep his eye open and his heart too.

Tom’s ideal choice

When asked about the kind of woman that he considers his ideal choice, Tom said, “Someone that I can be myself around. I don’t have to play anything up or play anything down. Someone who has got energy for life enjoys traveling and socializing.”

Tom Walker

Well, with his recent entry nothing much can be predicted yet, but we wish him best.