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What Do You Think Will Make Robert Pattinson A Different Batman Than Others? Let’s Find Out.


When we look at the Batman in comics, it’s someone very iconic. We see him as the big time billionaire who owns Wayne Enterprises and is the unknown savior of Gotham City. It’s always been the same with every single portrayal. Let’s talk about some benefits that the new Batman, Robert Pattinson can bring in to the coming project.

Robert as Batman!

The biggest and constant factor about Batman in every single role was his age and image. We always saw Batman as the old and mature owner of Wayne Enterprises. Unlike other actors, we never got to see much of his childhood or his teenage years. Let’s say if we look at Superman. If we look at Superman in ‘Superman Returns’, then we can see how the teenage version is shown really well. Clark Kent jumping out high amongst the fields was a great sight for the eyes.


It was fun to see how the character of Superman transformed. If you look at Flash, then Ezra Miller is a young version of the superhero. This may help him to carry on this character for years. Years and years and years to come. What Robert Pattinson can offer is the teenage version of Batman that the audience never really got the chance to see. With the charming face and dashing body of Robert, who else would portray a better and younger version of Batman than him? Am I right or am I right?

Robert Pattinson

If we look at him in Twilight, then his role as the famous Edward Cullen has made fans go crazy. The entire audience has praised his audience. Although it did get some criticism for being too cliché at times, that didn’t affect as much.

Will he live up to be the best?


Now, this is a very hard task to fulfill. To put yourself in the shoes of Batman and taking one of the biggest roles in the history of comics, will he live to be the best? We have performances from the unmatched Christian Bale that fill our hearts with overdosed love. Can Robert do the same? His acting skills in the superhero industry may be proved very worthy. If only he masters the face behind that mask and in front of it too, only then will he conquer. This is one of the biggest goals for Robert to achieve. At this point, he shouldn’t be focused on anything else at all. Batman is his aim! Let’s keep it that way.