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Thanos Or The Joker? Which One Did You Find More Villainous?

When you look at Thanos in the Marvel universe, you are convinced by what the character has to offer. His villainous flaunt is one that the fans endure. People want more of the punchlines that Thanos gives. Although they are very philosophical in nature, they do have a very convincing sound which makes the fans go crazy. It’s no secret that Thanos is amazing meme material. A lot of his lines from Endgame have been a fun source of entertainment for all the fans. Although, today, we are here to talk about arguably the two greatest on-screen villains. Let’s find out the differences.



Now when we look at Thanos, he is one villain who the people loved. He was the biggest threat put forward by Marvel to the Avengers. Nobody was as powerful as him. He was the only person to acquire all the six Infinity stones in one very moment. He snapped his fingers and made half the world extinct. That’s power right there. Let’s look at all the big-time enemies that the Avengers have faced.

When you look at the first movie, their enemy was Loki and the Chittauri. If you know the story, then that army was sent by Thanos as well. He was the perpetrator of it all. But Loki wasn’t such a big threat to the Avengers as that much. He was still controllable.


Next came Ultron. He was a minor threat as he was the brainchild of Tony Stark. Not a big deal. Still controllable. And then comes Thanos. Probably the first and last time that the Avengers faced defeat. They won against hard odds. 14,000,605 to be exact. Thanos faded away like dust when it came to Endgame. Although he was extremely powerful with his actions but unfortunately, another one bit the dust.



The man! The King! Probably the Godfather of all the villains. When we talk about Joker, he was a serious threat to Gotham City. Not like any other arch-nemesis that Batman had. He was one who tested the social mentality of the people of Gotham. His actions kept the people on their knees. Even Batman became psychotic when it came to intervening the mad mastermind. His punchlines are still echoed till date. “WHY SO SERIOUS?” It still has an effect on all of us. It is maybe because of Christopher’s Nolan idea of visualization, Joker is a villain that broke the stereotypes of being a villain. All thanks to the legendary, Heath Ledger. May God rest his soul?

What’s your view on both the villains? Who do you think is the better one? The Mad Titan, or the crazy mask for Gotham City?

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