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Rick And Morty Season 4 Scheduled To Release Early? Find The Release Date, Plotline and More

Ever since the announcement of the new season came out the fans have been going crazy. They’ve already plotted the possible storyline and the majority of the predictions include Beth Smith’s character.

The previous seasons saw the introduction of Beth as Rick’s daughter although the episodes didn’t tell too much about the character. There were significant appearances made by her. Which led the fans to believe that the new season will explore the pool of Beth’s being. With the release of the new trailer “Trover Saves The Universe”, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith have ever since. Been dropping hints about the new season. They cannot contain their excitement as they even teased the fact that the series will be scheduled for an early release. As fans await with anticipation to get their questions built by previous seasons answered.

Rick And Morty’s Season 4 might give us the ABCs of Beth Smith.

The voice actress of Beth, Sarah Chalke herself has confirmed that the character makes a lot of appearances in the new season. Giving rise to a lot of theories.

The new season might just deal with the situation of there being a clone version of Beth created by Rick. The ambiguous ending of the episode “The ABCs of Beth” where Rick made a clone of Beth so that she could travel the cosmos and the clone would be with her family left everyone confused. The ending saw Rick smile ambiguously when asked about the real Beth’s identity.
Perhaps the new season might answer the question asked by Morty, Jerry, and Summer.

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However, there’s also a possibility that the season might explore other plotholes like that of Evil Morty.

Although, with many other such theories produced, the one about Beth seems to be the most credible one.

However, the network wasn’t as quick as they had been previously to announce the renewal of the show for the fourth season. In fact, fans even started speculating that this would be the last they see of Rick and Morty. They even began to ask the shows creator Justin Roiland if there were any plans on switching the network. To which he replied that they were just taking their time in making sure everything goes as planned. So when the trailer for the video game “Trover Saves the Universe” came out, the fans got their answers to the delay of the announcement.

Moreover, the show has been scheduled to release earlier than November, its previously announced date.

On may 15 in an announcement video, Rick And Morty confirm that it’s only a 4 months wait from June.

Its time for fans to buckle up because their favorite adult swim sci-fi is coming this October.

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