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Jennifer Aniston Says, “Rachel And Ross Would’ve Definitely Still Been Together By Now.” Know More!

Friends, the American Television Sitcom which started in the year 1994, is one of the greatest TV shows ever created. Even today people watch it, as it never gets boring. The year 2004, it aired its last episode, things were good and ended well too, but it is surly missed. Jennifer Aniston has her say on it too. As she is busy promoting her new TV series called the ‘Murder Mystery’, she is always asked questions about either her character Rachael Green or about the reunion of the show Friends. But recently she was asked about today’s scenario of Ross and Rachael. She had a fantastic answer to that Question. Lets get to know what it was.

The Answer!

Natalie Morales, anchor of Today’s West Coast was having an interview with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler the other day, for their upcoming Netflix show ‘Murder Mystery’. The three of them were having quite a good time discussing about the show and how amazing Adam and Jennifer’s chemistry is, as we all know both the stars have done work together before too which was loved by the audience. That’s the time where Natalie smartly popped the question about Ross and Rachael. She asked Aniston whether they would be still together by now. Jennifer had a definite ‘yes’ to the question. She said that their daughter Emma who was born in 2002, would be all grown up. Sandler then corrected that she would be in high school as by today’s time she would be seventeen years old. Sandler really has his facts right!

Its is really good to hear that Rachael and Ross would be together by now, but what about the other. Would Monica and Chandler be happy with their twins and Joey, where would he have landed. What about Pheobe?All these Question are up in our head, but the answers to them can only be acquired if there would be a reunion. Again another question arises, will there be a reunion? Whether or not, it would be lovely to see the six of them together on screen again.


Well at the moment you can catch Jennifer and her lovely on screen husband trying to get away from being prime suspects in a murder, in their upcoming Netflix show called the ‘Murder Mystery’ on the 14th of June. Lets find out what this on screen couple has for us this time. Murder Mystery is definitely going to be a must watch.