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Black Mirror Season 5 Is Being Called Pale, Disappointing And “Universally Dumb”.

Season 5 doesn’t live up to the audience’s expectations.

Black Mirror has been the show about the relationship between humans and gadgets. In the digital age where everyone is immersed in their phones, Black Mirror shows us what could be our future. It has always been a perfect series that represents the time we live in and what we could end up like in a few years. With electronics already manipulating us, it isn’t too long until we are so dependent on it that it chooses our life for us. Until we become a part of the technology we use. Until the government makes use of our personal information in order to manipulate us.

Black Mirror

The hype created by the arrival of the 5th season was clearly unmatched. There was no telling what the plot could be because it is an anthology series. With every episode being different from each other one couldn’t predict what the next season would entail.

However, looks like the show might have run out of ideas because the latest instalment isn’t exactly what the audience expected. Instead of delving deeper into the topic of man and machine. Something that Black Mirror is known for. It actually just touched the theme. Has it really taken a fall? Have the creators made a mistake and rushed things unnecessarily?

Black Mirror

“Black Mirror might just be a victim of its own success,” says Devindra Hardwar in an article by Engadget.
The article gives a synopsis with spoilers of all the 3 episodes. Concluding with that even though the episodes aren’t bad its a bit too repetitive. And with it being the 5th season, the audience needs more.

The people are not happy.

In an article by First Post Rohini Nair calls the new season less dystopian and more derivative. She calls the season disappointing saying how there have been so many great episodes that prepared the audience for a solid comeback of the show but we did not receive that.

Black Mirror

Moreover, Vulture called the new season “Exquisitely Dumb”. Calling out the latest instalment for being bland and not living up to the level of its previous seasons.
While IndieWire even went as far as calling it a mess.

Times called the season pale and says that the 5th season fails to depart from what is possible now.

Variety called a particular episode in Black Mirror Season 5: “the most majestically wrongheaded instalment not merely of Black Mirror’s run but, too, or at least the past year in prestige television.”

The episode with Miley Cyrus scores 40% on Rotten Tomatoes even though praising Miley’s performance.

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