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America’s Richest Self-Made Couple! Jay-Z and Queen B!

From making people grove to their beats to now, becoming the self-made billionaire couple. Jay Z and Beyoncé have come a long way. With ” got that diner on my mind” written on their third track of their surprise album, “Everything You Love”, which came out last June many things have changed over a year. Exactly a year later, it is clear that the couple were not just taking poetic license. But with Jay Z new status as a billionaire and Beyoncé being on Forbes’s richest self-made women list. The two have become America’s Wealthiest self-made couple! Now isn’t that exciting!

“Who runs the world!!”

Beyonce and Jay-Z “On the Run II” Tour – Glasgow

Its been a bumper year for this musical couple! Their combined net worth totals up to approximate $1.4 billion. Jay Z who is slowly growing his portfolio in business with entering into liquor, real estate, and art. He also holds stakes in big companies like Uber, is the first hip hop artist to come in the category of Billionaires!

Meanwhile, Beyoncé who makes the world grove to her beats, has an estimated fortune increase to $400 million. Till last year her fortune is estimated to be $355 million. The steady increase in Queen B’s fortune is because of her continued touring and album release. Beyoncé Ranks. 51 in Forbes’s list of America’s most successful, self-made women.

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The combined net worth of $1.4 billion makes the music mogul one of the 10 most successful husband and wife in the country and also the most recognizable! Unlike most couples who started a business together, these two started individually. They both struck it rich with complementary bur separate business. While Beyoncé’s wealth comes from touring, music sales and her merchandise line. Her husband has a different route of earning.

Jay Z on the other hand, earns most of his wealth from Armand de Brignac Champagne, various investments, his cognac partnership with Bacardi and his own music career. Both husband and wife have stakes in music streaming service Tidal.

We must say they do make a power couple! Giving other major couple goals!!

In other news!

Other than being the Power Couple, the two have another thing to celebrate as their single from the album Everything is Love – ‘ Apeshit’ was marked to being certified Platinum!


Almost a year ago, The Carters surprised their fans with a joined album release called  Everything is Love, in the middle of their On the Run II tour. With the album, Beyoncé and Jay Z released their single ” Apeshit” along with the visual, which grew over the audience like wildfire. The video was shot in Paris at The Louvre.

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