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A Gift To Beyhive, From Queen B! “Beyonce”

Beyoncé is known for her strong personality and steadfast attitude. After all, she isn’t called Queen B for no reason. Beyoncé enjoys a huge fan base across the world! There are many powerful forces in the world today that come to mind like, Apple, Marvel Universe or Illuminati. But when it comes to Beyoncé, there is a special kind of strength that’s wielded by her world-renowned fan-base known as the Beyhive. The Beyhive is known for being good and bad with people, with the way they treat their Queen!

Recently, in a way to show her love and gratitude towards her loyal fans, she has launched a merch line in their name. The line is called Beyhive.v1.

Let’s talk Beyhive.v1!


This new line dedicated to her loyal followers a cute gesture from Beyoncé’s side. The Beyhive collection is said to have a little bit of everything. It has t-shirts, shirts, shorts, crop tops, and tank tops. It also has hoodies, bodysuits, accessories, bandanas and some assortments of bey branded summer collection. The whole range is in a palette of black, with basic embroidery. They are in a basic color like white, yellow and red.

All the merchandise has ‘Beyhive’ embroidered on it. Isn’t that great!!

But there is something that we miss in this line. That is the Beyoncé touch. Having seen Beyoncé’s style, everyone knows she believes in ” More is More”. That is what this merch line lacks. The clothing and accessory is a way to simplify and we feel a little left out! Beyoncé was seen sporting a bike short in a picture from her recent launch. The short is priced at $75. It is very comfy and sexy, but is simple black! With just the word Beyhive on the thigh? Printed in white? It just ain’t it. Especially not when there are bike shorts at the much cheaper price available in the market!

Something special for “India Hive”!

Recently we saw Beyoncé coming to India to perform at the multi-billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s daughter’s wedding. Her performance left the Indian audience mesmerized! She was seen in a beautiful Indian outfit, in which she looked no less than a Queen( which she naturally is), or as it is said in Hindi ‘ Rani’.

Seems India left a good impression on her and she decided to incorporate something special for her Indian fans. The ‘India Hive’. This line has a tee with ‘Beyhive ‘ written in Devanagari script.

We must say this is a very cute gesture on Queen B’s side!


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