Overwhelmed!! Katy Perry New Release ‘Never Really Over’ Receiving Appreciation In Millions!!

After releasing her comeback single ‘Never Really Over’ to great fanfare, Katy Perry hit a new career high. Certainly notching her biggest opening weekend yet.

No. Of views:-

Since dropping the summer jam last Friday, the single garnered her biggest first-day streams. This to date with over 50 million cumulative streams. While the video for ‘Never Really Over’ got the highest first-day views of any Katy Perry video. This is 17.7 million – and counting. “Never Really Over’ marked Katy’s first new solo material. It is since the release of her album Witness in 2017. Also, it saw a return to the kind of buoyant pop that made her a household name.


The night before the single’s debut, Katy Perry held a listening party. This was for her biggest fans at the YouTube Space Los Angeles. Along with premiering the music video, she also hosted a Q&A.

More celebrations:-

On the same event, she even got matching tattoos with some of her most ardent supporters.
Following the success of collaborative track ‘365’ with EDM superstar Zedd. These two teamed up once again to co-write ‘Never Really Over’.

Solo features:-

The album video is directed by Philippa Price (St Vincent, BANKS). The video sees Perry turning to various forms of new-age self-care to get over a breakup. This all while dressed like a radiant rainbow.
“I would say that (in) this video, things that I’m touching on are kind of (out of) a time. This like the age of Aquarius, new age, esoteric, California, healing, hippie, medicinal. All of those keywords, “ Perry said of the colourful visual.

The comeback:-

With two seasons of judging American Idol behind her. Perry seems primed to return to the pop star life.
The pop icon also talked to fans about the genesis of the new single at the Youtube event. It by saying, “I had worked on this song when I was on tour, and I don’t typically do that. I injected my –isms in it. Specifically, the lyric in the second verse that I really love is: ‘I guess I should try hypnotherapy / I’ve got to rewire my brain / Because I can’t even go on the Internet / Without even checking your name.’ And it’s one of those things where everybody’s like, ‘Yeeeah, exactly’”.

Listen to ‘Never Really Over’ here. Let us know in the comments how much you like the comeback of the ‘pop queen’.