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David Cameron As The New Head Advisory Board iI AI-Based Firm, Afiniti

Former UK prime minister, David Cameron has taken up the job in an AI-based company. He will be at the senior department handling the firm’s advisory board. He will be handling the responsibilities of curating and overseeing the strategic guidance for the betterment of the firm. The decisions will be made with the board which meets quarterly in Washington DC.


David Cameron has been hired by the company named Afiniti. Afiniti is specialized in Artificial Intelligence-based behavioural pairing technology. The announcement of the former prime minister was made on Friday. His decision to get into an AI company comes less than a year after Nick Clegg. Ex-UK deputy prime minister joined Facebook as the head of its global affairs and communication team.

The Reason Behind His Resignation:

David Cameron resigned from the position of UK’s prime minister in the year 2016. This happened after the British citizens took the decision to reject his entreaties and turn their back on the European Union. At the time of voting, David Cameron insisted the country vote remain but was defeated by 52% to 48% despite London, Scotland and Noether Ireland backing staying in. He stated that during his defeat that “The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered.”


Ex-Prime Minister’s Work

The ex-prime minister who resigned said that in the duration of his position. He tried to make the country advanced with new technological industries including genome sequencing, FinTech, and digitizing public services. Since he stepped back from politics almost three years ago, he is starting to be a part of one of the technology firm in AI development.

In an interview, he revealed that “I have been exploring developments in AI for some time to better understand how industry and policy-makers can collaborate in solving these challenges and ensuring that AI serves people’s everyday lives.”

“I am therefore delighted to have been asked to chair Afiniti’s advisory board. Helping support their work to transform the future of customer service and interpersonal communications.” – he added.

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Moreover, The Washington-based Afiniti’s chairman and chief executive, Zia Chishti said “Mr. Cameron’s political experience would be invaluable, adding: “Afiniti is about raising the productivity of companies. David’s deep personal commitment to these issues makes him perfectly-placed to lead our advisory board and support Afiniti in our next stage of growth.”

However, The firm is filled with high profile individuals like the former chief executive of BP Lord Browne, Francois Fillon and many more. After David Cameron’s resignation, Moreover, he has maintained a low key profile working for not-for-profit organisations.

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