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Amanda Seyfried Is Lost In The Aroma Of Flowers In Her Latest Click

This mean girl has grown up to be a very natural and authentic person, here we are talking about the beautiful Amanda Seyfried. We all know her as one of the Mean Girls, but this beauty is nowhere next to the mean girl radar. This thirty-three-year-old actress, model, singer-songwriter and a mother really has a touch of nature everywhere.

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You can see it with your own eyes, her Instagram account is full of horses, forests, flowers, and the lovely greenery that she never fails to notice, be it where ever she’s traveling to. Just a day ago she had posted a fascinating picture on her Instagram, of hand knitted flowers that she had attached to a stick. When you take the first glance they actually look real, that’s how much Amanda knows the nature. She even posted a story on Instagram of a cute turtle. She was completely obsessing over it.


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It’s really nice to see someone connected to earth in such a way. You don’t get to see many celebrities like her who have a very successful career and a beautiful personal life with her husband, her child and even her dogs.


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