Will Robert Downey Jr And Tony Stark Get Back On Screen Together? We Got It Covered

Tony Stark aka Iron man may have died in the Avengers: Endgame, but Robert Downey Jr. hasn’t. Good news for all the fans and well-wishers of Robert Downey Jr. He is going to be cast in a new biopic movie on John Brinkley. The movie is yet to be named.

Will Tony Stark And Robert Downey Jr Comeback?

However, our beloved Tony stark, oh sorry, Robert Downey Junior has already started his preparations for the movie. He has started to read about Human anatomy and Goat anatomy. All this because John Brinkley is a 20th-century scam artist. He pretended to be a medical doctor because he wanted to get famous.
Robert won’t be doing just this movie next year, there are a number lined up. He will appear in ‘The Voyage of Dr. Doolitlle’, ‘All star Weekend’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’

There will be plenty of movies and series for us to binge watch. Also, there is an interesting speculation that is now being mentioned by everyone and that is, Robert will come as Tony Stark in the movie ‘Spiderman: far from Home’. It’s very hard for a fan to digest that their favorite and smartest avenger has died, and that is why it is said that he will come back. Obviously not as a leading role but he could do some cameo in future in the Marvel Universe.