How Was It For Roman Reigns To Recover From Leukemia

WWE Roman Reigns

It’s been quite some time since we have seen Roman Reigns in the ring. The fans have been wondering about his whereabouts and what the status is on the famous wrestler. It has recently come to our knowledge that Roman was diagnosed with leukemia. The horrible disease took him over for two months and couldn’t come to the ring for his matches.

How Does It Feel Staying Away From The Ring?

He admits to how he misses the ring so much and wants to get back so badly. When asked to Roman, he said that this time he was focusing on the championship but he wasn’t taking it too much to the head. He was diagnosed just two months after winning the Universal Championship. Although, even after his disappearance and inactive time from the ring, he was still the most trending topic in all of WWE. He does admit that he missed the littlest of things such as strapping up for the ring before a fight. The gearing up for a match was one of his favorite things to do.

Other than that, he’s been featured elsewhere as well. It’s no news to the media that he will now be featuring in the new Fast and Furious spin-off project, Hobbs and Shaw. The fans are excited for his debut performance as he partners up with the one and only, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. With Reigns back in the ring, let’s see him win back the championship once again for the fans. Welcome back, Roman Reigns. You were dearly missed.


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