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Meghan Markle To Miss The State Banquet Event Due To “Maternity Leave”

With all the preparations in order for the State Banquet, the state of U.K. is looking forward to having Donald Trump to visit soon. With Kate Middleton and Prince William attending the Banquet, the preparations are in full swing.

Unfortunately, We will not be seeing Meghan Markle anywhere in the event. Meghan is currently on maternity leave after the birth of her recently new-born child, Archie. Although, Prince Harry is not taking any paternity leave as such but he will also not attending the main event. He will be joining everyone for the private lunch that will happen later on. On the other hand, Kate Middleton will be coming back once again with her tiara. As a sparkly dress will now be ready for Kate, she is ready to dazzle the crowd. Meghan is now getting adjusted to motherhood and will take quite some time for the same.

It seems that Kate and Prince William have attended more events than Meghan and Prince Harry. Meghan has been a big highlight of the news but it seems like now she will be taking a hiatus from that as well. After attending the State Banquet with Xi Jinping last time, Kate and Prince William are up for another one to welcome the prestigious President Donald Trump.

Will Meghan be coming out soon for something to give to the audience? Can we expect any form of appearance any time soon? Let’s cross the fingers and pray we do.

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