Is Ciara facing a flop with ‘Beauty Marks’? Find out now!


It has been all-stars and glamour for Ciara as she has earned the good news of achieving one of her lifelong dreams. As we all know recently from her Instagram, that she will now be attending Harvard Business School at the age of 33, it is quite the success story to look at.

Although,  the good news is there’s always some down point too.

As Ciara released her new album ‘Beauty Marks’ to the world, it has gained quite the criticism. Unfortunately, the album isn’t turning out to be as great as expected. Her fans were having quite the high hopes and were hyped up for her new project. As stats prove it all, Ciara’s new album is placed at the 87th rank at the Billboards 200 chart. It is a sheer tragedy to see that the album hasn’t got much recognition and has hardly sold any copies.

On the other hand, the good news of her attending Harvard Business School is in the mix as well. With the goal of her going to college, she is making the dreams come true.

Will college change everything for Ciara? Will the Harvard degree bring any changes to her music career? There are so many questions left unanswered as to what happens to her prospects after college. We better watch out for her progress. Who knows what the singer has in store for us next.

In last, let’s not jinx anything and keep the hopes high once again for some better days.


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