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SHOCKING!! Did Zac Efron Really Date Her?

Zac Efron has a long list of women he has dated and another long list of just casual flings and hookups. But, one name that wasn’t expected to be on that list was Lindsay Lohan.

Despite the two getting famous as child actors and both got their start with Disney, no one had any idea that the two roamed in the same circles. However, in 2014, In Touch Magazine released a picture of a list of Hollywood celebrities that Lohan had slept with and this list also included our boy Zac.

Along with names such as Justin Timberlake, James Franco, and Ashton Kutcher, this list contained the names of many more famous men.

2014 was not a good time, relationship wise for Efron and maybe that is what acted as a catalyst for this decision. Don’t forget, It was the year where Zac had his public fling with Michelle Rodriguez. The question is though, was this just a fling or was it anything more?
Most probably not since the two were never associated together ever again but that doesn’t stop our imaginations from going wild, thinking about what happened between the two.

There have been allegations that the list itself was fake and a poor publicity ploy. So maybe, we will never know. All we can do is think as to what would have been between these two superstars.