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Where Is Kendrick Lamar? Why Is He Not Active On His Social Accounts?

“My brother @ScHoolboyQ dedicated his life for another milestone. I got the honor to watch and learn. You did it again soloist”

These are the last words heard from Kendrick Lamar on his Twitter page. Tweeted out on April 26th, this was only the second time the hip hop legend tweeted this year. This places Kendrick in a unique situation. While most other celebrities are chasing fame on social media, Kendrick’s absence from it is almost unfathomable. His last Instagram post was made on the 2nd of October in 2018. This distance from social media makes Kendrick one of the most truly private celebrities and adds him to the list of Beyonce, Jay Z and the likes.

Even when he does use social media, it is more for the promotion of others than for himself. This is a truly distinct move as most celebrities use their socials to promote their upcoming work. Maybe this is the price one pays for greatness. Maybe the truly great have no need to aggrandize themselves on the internet. Or maybe it’s just a personal choice. For now, we have no way to know. All we can say is maybe we all should take a page from Kendrick’s book and start living reality rather than staring down at pieces of metal.

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