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How To Upload A Good Story On Instagram?


Instagram is a social network. Instagram is most useful for making stories. Many people in Instagram post the stories on a daily basis. 250 million people have existed on Instagram. Where you go, what to eat, what you wear, how’s your life going; these are the stories of Instagram.

Upload the good stories:

The stories uploaded in Instagram are quite easy rather than other networks. You upload the videos but you also check its quality as image or video. Someone posted the video on Instagram and also can buy Instagram views for more exposure. You checked the video quality and squash the demo a lot. It is very difficult to understand the quality of the video when posting the video on Instagram as stories or posts. Some things to make sure that your video and its quality are perfect for acceptance on Instagram.

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Instagram accepts compress videos. It will keep more detail that if you compressed the video before uploading.

Some steps to upload a good and high-quality video as following;

  1. Record your video or image:

First of all, you compressed the video and fill its requirements. Make sure that your video is clear, clean and professional.

  1. If you are working with the 1080p video quality. Compress it in 4k and using the software of the video editing, like as Premiere or Final Cut Pro.
  2. You are looking for an option to compress 1080 to 4k, try the software ( Freemake or Handbrake).
  • The Instagram video is a maximum of 60 seconds and you make the video at least 3 seconds long.
  1. Save the video:

First of all, you fill all the requirements of Instagram. Use the following steps to save your video on Instagram.


The Codec is H 264.


The resolution of Instagram is 4k (3840 x 2160)

  1. Transfer the video in your phone, laptop or tablet:

It is necessary that you transfer the video in the right way because if you choose one step wrong then you lose the video during the transferring.

Some steps as following;

  • Using the AirDrop to transfer the video from a Mac to a phone or a tablet.
  • Using the VLC media player to transfer the video from a PC to a Phone or iPad.
  • Firstly, you install the app in the PC and the Phone, iPad or tablet.
  • Before using the steps you get your phone or iPad IP address.
  • You go to your phone or tablet IP address in your computer or laptop then transfer the video in the window.
  • In VLC media player on the phone or iPad and tab the video and share the icon of the video then click to save the video.
  • Always use the USB cable to transfer the video file.
  • If you have a Mac and an android then you use the Dropbox to transfer the video file.

Uploading the Video:

  1. Open Instagram on your phone or tablets; there are many colors of icon like pink, orange and purple. You will find the icon in home screen or in the app.
  2. Tap the new icon; It’s a square like “+”. You will find this sign in home screen at the bottom or the center of the home screen.
  3. Click the Library tab; it’s highlighted in the bottom of the screen.
  4. This step is used to open the video in editing mode.
  5. You want to edit the video then you trim at the bottom of the screen then write the text which you want.
  6. The text which you type the previous step will appear in the below.
  7. Now, finally you post these high-quality videos on Instagram. The uploading video take some time on the Instagram feed.
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