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Jake Gyllenhaal Opens The Year With A “Mysterio”US bang!

Jake Gyllenhaal

You might be wondering where he’s been with all the less lustrous projects that he’s been working on. Well, you don’t have to guess anymore! This time he’s coming with a bang and is making his debut into the Marvel Universe with his role of Mysterio in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’. But some of you might also want to know where he’s been as a celebrity.

His recent posts on Instagram show some love for the Broadway’s very own, Annaleigh Ashford. He recently attended a special concert where he sang along with her quoting that, “All of my dreams come true when I sing with @Annaleigh_Ashford.” What do you think is the real catch here? We never know. But it might not be going so far because he’s been somewhere else. With a French model named Jeanne Cadieu, with whom he’s been spending a lot of time with, may soon be engaged to her and they may carry out the vows of love. His recent posts as well have been much loved by the fans about his wish to his mother on Mother’s Day and many others.

Other than the fraternity he shares with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, he now shares all the fun he has with Tom Holland on the sets of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ and how he’s so into him as a person on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. But with all the questions arising from the fans, would he live up to the reputation of Mysterio as portrayed in the comics? That’s the suspense we’re all stuck in. Let’s go, Mysterio! Keep the fans roaring for more!