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What is the fable of Gypsy Rose Blanchard?

Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Gypsy Rose Blanchard grew up with her mother Dee Dee Blanchard who stated pleas about her health and various issues. This developed in a strings of crucial diagnoses and medical interventions. However, Gypsy Rose Blanchard wasn’t actually sick, her mother had been lying about the diseases.

Professionals thinks Dee Dee’s personality rose from the mental disorder Munchausen syndrome by proxy. The veracity about Gypsy and her mother only came out after Gypsy managed for an online boyfriend for homicide.

Dee Dee about Gypsy having bizarre illnesses –

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, born in 1991, was a child when Dee Dee’s daughter suffered from sleep apnea. When Gypsy was eight years old, Dee Dee described her as suffering from leukemia and muscular dystrophy. Further, she required a wheelchair and feeding tube. The list of medical problems that Dee Dee related about her daughter was huge. It include seizures, asthma and hearing and visual impairments.

Because of Dee Dee’s actions, Gypsy was given a bunch of medications and had to sleep using a breathing machine. She also went through multiple surgeries, including procedures on her eyes and removal of her salivary glands.

Gypsy not happy about Dee Dee Death –

Gypsy Rose Blanchard stated it was only after Dee Dee’s death that she realized the end of her mother’s deception. Further, Gypsy Rose Blanchard had known she could walk and eat regular food, she had thinked she had leukemia.

Today Gypsy is healthy. She enjoys more freedom in prison than in the life she shared with Dee Dee. However, when asked by Dr. Phil if she was happy her mother was dead, she stated, “I’m glad that I’m out of that situation, but I’m not happy she’s dead.”

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