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Nicholas Godejohn full interview from Prison!

Nicholas Godejohn met Gypsy Rose Blanchard on a Christian dating site. Soon, she asked him to murder her overbearing mother — which he did.

Even before the strange 2015 homicide lately conducted in Hulu’s The Act, Nicholas Godejohn was already plodding into troubled waters. The 23 year old man had mental illness and a criminal record for vulgar exposure when he and Gypsy met on the web. It only took a few months for their virtual bonding gatherings to turn into a face to face meet-up.

Just after the first meeting in 2012 the two had intercourse. Further, began to conspire the murder of Gypsy’s mother, Dee Dee. Moreover, on a night in mid June 2015, the grisly plot came to maturation. Gypsy left the front door unlocked for Nicholas Godejohn to enter undetected while Dee Dee Blanchard was asleep. While her daughter listened from the bathroom, Nicholas Godejohn stabbed the 47-year-old to death.

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard –

Gypsy was born in 1991 and raised alone by her mother Dee Dee because her young father had abandoned them. He told Dee Dee that he didn’t love her and that he “got married for the wrong reasons.”

When Gypsy was three months old, her mother told doctors that the infant had trouble breathing normally. According to The Guardian, Gypsy was subsequently diagnosed with sleep apnea and given a breathing apparatus — the first of many false ailments Dee Dee attributed her daughter.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard met Nicholas Godejohn on a Christian dating site.

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