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Is Mark Webber linking up with the Ferrari team?

Mark Webber has warned it’ll only take “one little flashpoint” to blow the world championship battle open, despite Mercedes’ preeminence.

Bottas and Hamilton have remained calmly since Finn joined the team in 2017. However, Mark Webber warns Ferrari are close enough to exploit, as is often the case when teammates are battling for the world title.

“It only takes one little flashpoint, one grenade, and there’ll be tension between Lewis and Valtteri,” Mark Webber told Wide World of Sports.

“It doesn’t take much.

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“Then it will be on for young and old.”

The previous season Hamilton conquered 11 races on the way to the world title, while Bottas didn’t win a single race in the same car.

“Valtteri’s definitely off to a sensational start. The first lap in Azerbaijan was one of the best things we’ve seen from him in a long time, going around the outside of Lewis twice, and that was a key moment in getting the win,” Mark Webber said.

“Lewis has already said he was probably a bit too charitable. Lewis might have a few more gears, but Bottas is driving exceptionally well.

“Long may it continue, we need someone challenging Lewis.”

“It’s pretty ominous for the opposition,” Mark Webber told Wide World of Sports.

“They’re just so polished. Even when they’re not quite on top of everything, they still manage to pull the victories out.

“I think that Ferrari will be very disappointed with the start of the year, there’s no question about that. They haven’t hit their straps yet at all, and Mercedes just grind everyone into the dust.”

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