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Everything we know about The Umbrella Academy season 2

The Umbrella Academy is described as a “dysfunctional family of superheroes”. It won the 2008 Eisner Award for Best Finite Series/Limited Series.
The people who loved superhero series were indeed ecstatic with the news of a second season coming our way. The first season gave us hope in Netflix providing us with deadly superhero fun in the future, now that ‘Daredevil’ et al have been cancelled from the service.


Time-travel will again play a huge part in the second season – but as to how much, and what time period they’ve headed to, we’re afraid is complete guesswork. Last we saw of the siblings, they were clinging onto Number Five for dear life. Further, relying on him to transport them to a different time before the world exploded. However, that worked out correctly, and who he took with him, is anyone’s guess.

Well, almost everyone has survived the end of season one at least. This means the main sibling cast, from Tom Hopper’s Luther right up to Ellen Page’s Vanya – and everyone in between. Hopefully, Ben/Number Six, played by Justin H. Min, might get a more expanded role in the upcoming season. As his powers deserve more streaming time.
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