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Now Kobe Bryant will have more presence in China Check out why?

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is capitalizing on his massive brand recognition. Also a gigantic e-commerce economy in China by launching an online store last month. The store is the first outlet. This is for Kobe Bryant-licensed products in the Chinese market. This including lifestyle and electronic items through the Taobao and WeChat platforms. The store on Taobao is the “Kobe Official Enterprise Store”. While on WeChat it’s “Kobe Bryant 24.”

Moreover, Bryant is the most-followed global athlete in China. This is which necessitates the direct-to-consumer opportunity for his fans, said Andrew Collins. He is a CEO of Mailman Group, the agency running the store. “His fans are spread across the country with a large majority across the southern parts of China,” Collins told Front Office Sports by email.

Further, he added, “Almost all of them will never have the opportunity to see Kobe live, and they long to celebrate his 20-year NBA legacy. The branded e-commerce store was a great way to offer a line of merchandise to his fans and offer products at a more reasonable price point and more variety of products endorsed by himself.”

Moreover, products available through the store. This includes trolley suitcases, mugs, phone cases, sports bracelets, sunglasses, backpacks, and pendants. Collins believes the Kobe brand has come to represent “success” and “hard work”. This among his Chinese fans, and is particularly attractive to the nation’s middle class. “All parents aspire for their children to develop a great work ethic, and they long for success,” he said. “Kobe captures that very well. His on-the-court success and cutthroat attitude captured the hearts of many.”

In a video to Chinese consumers announcing the store. Bryant said, “I hope you continue to be motivated by the ‘Mamba Mentality’. This when using these products, whether at home, work or at play. Thank you for visiting the store, and I hope you like the collection we’ve put together.”

Then, the online store play by Bryant is a wise one in China. It is the largest and fastest-growing online retail market in the world. A 2017 article from consulting firm McKinsey & Company pegged the market’s worth at approximately $830 billion. The article also found 67 percent of Chinese consumers shop on mobile devices.


Further, Mailman Group’s other clients include the NFL, NHL, UFC, Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Collins said the company’s mission is to help athletes. Teams, and leagues to build their brand story. This in China by leveraging social media and digital platforms.

Also helping to create opportunities for partnerships, content, commerce, and tours. In Bryant’s case, Collins believes that work is all but complete. Also, current ventures are more about deepening connections to his already established fanbase. Possible avenues include live streaming interviews, branded partnerships, appearances and short video engagements with fans.

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