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Is Zayn Malik casting in ‘Aladin’ Alongside Will Smith!?

Zayn Malik announced his “A Whole New World” cover and music video is officially here. Further, his fans are awfully unpleasant for his absence in Disney’s upcoming action movie.

The song was sung by Zayn as well as the ravishing Zhavia Ward. Zhavia Ward has an appalling fan following on Instagram, 2 million followers! Lastly, she was seen in Diplo’s song -Welcome to the party, along with Lil Pump and French Montana.
Discussing the scene featuring ‘A Whole New World’, he described shooting it as “magical”, before elaborating: “We weren’t in it to imitate anything from the past, but I think we stayed true to the original.
“This time around, again, the biggest thing is you’re seeing actors do this now instead of animated characters. It was amazing.”

Moreover, Twitter is in a full-on backset because Aladdin comes out in two weeks. Further, Zayn surely won’t make an appearance. Instead, we’re all left with an unbelievably blue Will Smith as Genie. Will Smith is one of the finest actors in Hollywood and was happy to shoot Aladin!
When the former 1D member’s fans saw the video, they all basically called it a huge “missed opportunity.” One fan even wrote, “[Director] Guy Richie not casting Zayn as Aladdin is the biggest mistake of his career like he had one job.” Yikes! Nothing like the wrath of a thousand stans to taint your career!”
Well, the upcoming movie is a done deal. However, there’s always an expectation for a live-action Aladdin sequel!
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