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What exactly happened on the murder night of Dee Dee Blanchard?

Gypsy and Dee’s last conversation is their often-repeated exchange about Spanish moss and angels. Gypsy knows it all, which is why she looks devastated in bed with her ailing, diabetic mom. She doesn’t even respond to Dee Dee when she asks, “What’s the matter”. Her answer is of no consequence. Her boyfriend is coming to murder Dee Dee. Gypsy bought the hunting knife he will use.

“Goodnight, mom,” she says, marking the last words she will ever say to Dee Dee.
With Dee Dee asleep, Gypsy pops a pill and tries to kill her mother herself. Is it mercy? Is it a way to save Nick, who is outside waiting for Gypsy to open the front door? We’ll never know because Gypsy can’t go through with it.

Gypsy goes to let Nick in, so he can be the one to remember what Dee Dee’s screams sound like up close and personal. Nick enters the Blanchard home already wearing rubber gloves to hide his prints. Gypsy hands over the knife and points to the room where her mother is sleeping. Nick goes to do the gory deed while Gypsy hides out in the bathroom, covering her ears. She attempts to muffle Dee Dee’s cries and focuses on the lighthouse painting next to the tub.

Blanchard murder case, the broad strokes of this scene are true. Although, we’ll never know if Gypsy really fixated on a beachy landscape to cope with the brutal slaying of her mother.
Gypsy cleans all of her mother’s viscera off of her boyfriend and his weapon.

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