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Top Lil Pump Suspicious Questions, You Wished You Had Answers To..

Lil Pump came as a rapper all of a sudden and became this teen sensation. This 19-year old rapper gained a fan following like none other. Below are some questions about him which you must have always wondered:

  1. Does Lil Pump have a song with Kanye West?

Lil surprised fans by collaborating with Kanye West on a song called ‘Love It’. After news broke about Yeezy being named the Creative Director of the Pornhub awards, they unleashed the racy song and accompanying music video with Adele.

  1. How did Lil Pump’s feud with J. Cole begin?

Lil Pump’s feud with J. Cole dates back to the early stages of his career. It’s not clear why, but the ‘Gucci Gang’ rapper recorded a number of videos yelling “f*ck J. Cole”. He then recorded a J. Cole diss track with the chorus “f*ck J. Cole”. This resulted in Cole finally addressing him on KOD song ‘1985’.

  1. What is Lil Pump’s real name?

His real name is actually Gazzy Garcia! However, the rapper goes by the stage name Lil Pump.

  1. Did Lil Pump really drop out of Harvard?
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It’s not currently known whether Lil Pump did actually attend Harvard University. However, the teenage rapper addressed the rumours on Twitter, writing: “I really did drop out of Harvard to save the rap game”. But there are no details about potential subjects, courses or scholarships to back up his claims.

  1. What is Lil Pump’s relationship with Lil Yachty?

As well as having similar names, Lil Pump and Lil Yachty have a great relationship and plan to release a collaborative mixtape together, as well as going on a joint tour in 2018. The two rappers, who have become symbols of the new “mumble rap” trend.

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