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Did Jenna Dewan win the best Throwback Thursday post? Find out

Looks like Jenna Dewan won the best throwback Thursday post ever! She recently shared a picture on Instagram and Twitter. It was taken in the early to mid-2000s showing herself and another woman in the background busting a move while Kelly Clarkson sang to a captive outdoor audience. All three women wore dark tops and dark-wash flared jeans.

She captioned it as: “#tbt to dancing with @kellyclarkson at a Walmart parking lot in Texas. The quick changing in the break room amongst all the employees, and running through the aisles to make it back on stage in time is something we shall never forget.” She continued, “To this day, Kelly is one of THE nicest and best I have met in this business ”. “Ps- shout out to my stepdad for finding and sending along with this gem today,” she added.

To this, Clarkson, 37, couldn’t resist indulging in the fun memory alongside her pal. She responded on Twitter saying, Yes!! What a throwback?! It is still my dream to dance as well as you ha! .” Kelly added, “We need a fresh new pic together girl ha!” Many other celebs also commented to this Dewan’s post. Talking about social media, both Channing Tatum and ex-wife Jenna Dewan are on their A game nowadays.

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