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Guess who is on Bill Browder’s Adversary?

Capital Confidential is a weekly diary column featuring the best tidbits from around the U.K.’s business and political landscape. Russia’s public enemy number one, Bill Browder has a new adversary in the shape of ‘The Rock’.

He attempts following his anti-corruption crusade, which was sparked by the murder of his lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. Browder is also determined to get his 2015 memoir Red Notice filmed. Following a bidding war for the rights to Red Notice, Browder went with Oscar-nominated scriptwriter William Nicholson.

But the film has subsequently languished in development hell. Browder told Capital at a Financial News event that he is now re-envisioning Red Notice as a TV series with a new script. In the meantime, The Rock is starring, alongside Gal Gadot, in a movie that is also called Red Notice. Due to be released in June 2020, the film is about Interpol agents chasing an art thief.

Browder is refusing to cede to The Rock and co. “I bet people remember my TV series Red Notice as opposed to Dwayne Johnson’s film,” he said. He added, “I’ve had a career in Moscow, a career in Wall Street and a career in Washington. They’re all highly dysfunctional, sharp-edged, dishonest places. But I’ve never seen anything so dishonest as Hollywood. It’s unbelievable. Everything they do in Hollywood would be illegal in any other place.”