We Got Tom Cruise’s All Time Best Work Captured Here


Whether you love him or hate him, whether you appreciate him or are embarrassed by him, there’s no denying the talents of Tom Cruise. The tireless Movie Star (capitalized for emphasis) has occupied the center.

However, This is of celebrity’s white-hot spotlight for decades. Also delivering countless critical and financial successes. While balancing a mix of franchises (Mission: Impossible), prestige pictures (Magnolia, Eyes Wide Shut) and flat-out gambles (Tropic Thunder).

If anything, Tom Cruise is undervalued as an actor. Industry pundits pay close attention to his global drawing power. Having with little to no credit given to his performances. This is a short-sighted approach that overlooks some incredible turns. This under the direction of multiple, powerful directors. Cruise, over the course of his career, has actively sought out collaborations. Also with challenging storytellers. But the ones unafraid to push back against the mystique of the Tom Cruise Movie Star. He often get fearless performances from this dominant force.

Here, then, are our choices for Tom Cruise’s Best Performance. Undoubtedly, you have a different one. Be sure to tell us which movie, and why you picked it, in the comments section! For now, we start with:

Risky Business

An overexcited part of the movies Tom Cruise has made over. This in the past few decades have been TOM CRUISE MOVIES. They have been carefully adapted to maximize his strengths. Also minimize his weaknesses and use every last dollar available. The one which comes from the studio. They’ve been event films, disaster films and sprawling sci-fi epics.


Back in 2000, Tom Cruise earned what would prove to be his third and most recent Academy Award nomination. This was for his performance in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia. The competition in the Best Supporting Actor category was absolutely stacked that year. However, Michael Caine wound up walking away with the trophy for his role in the Lasse Hallstrom.

This was directed The Cider House Rules. In retrospect, this may have been one of the worst mistakes the Oscars have made. This in the last quarter century, as Cruise’s blisteringly emotional and stunningly charismatic turn as Frank T.J. Mackey not only stole the show in the ensemble drama. But also continues to stand as the greatest of his career.

A Few Good Men

Try to imagine an actor of lesser presence holding court. This in opposite a scenery-chewing Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men. Imagine Ryan Phillippe, Josh Hartnett or, hell, even Channing Tatum in Rob Reiner’s courtroom thriller. Terrifying, no?

For so many reasons, A Few Good Men contains the quintessential Tom Cruise performance. This is the one role that manages to capture all that Cruise can bring to the table at any given moment. Starting from the crippling, egocentric confidence that comes with looking like Tom Cruise. Finishing it to the humbling, nerve-rattling ability to hold down a scene opposite some of the best actors in the business.

Certainly it is thought Tom cruise of an action hero generally, for better or worse. For “better” is a string of thrilling films featuring Cruise’s undeniable charisma and dedication to character. For “worse” is that we’ve ignored his other talents and ability to stretch as an actor.

Edge of tomorrow

Although, This film features Cruise as an action hero again. But instead of spy tech and covert operations. This time he’s strapped into a robotic exoskeleton. It is equipped with a wide and deadly array of weaponry all meant to help his hero, Cage. This is to kill the invading alien force that always seems one step ahead. It’s a cool premise, where in theory Cruise could just be cool,


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