Will Robert Downey Jr. Get An Oscar For Avengers: Endgame?


The name “Stark” was synonymous with “hero” a week ago, from Avengers: Endgame to Game of Thrones. For Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, Endgame denoted his most noteworthy accomplishment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He found it with Iron Man in 2008. RDJ’s execution, and vocation all in all, have driven some to drive his name forward. It is in all respects early Oscars 2020 thought.

Robert Downey Jr., presently 54, has had an entrancing profession with significant highs and outrageous lows. He has two past Oscar selections added to his repertoire. Best Actor for Chaplin in 1993. Furthermore, Best Supporting Actor for Tropic Thunder in 2009. However, he had no successes up until this point.

After Marvel’s Black Panther was assigned for Best Picture a year ago, the entryway appears to be open for genuine thought of a superhuman star for an acting honor. On the off chance that that will occur for somebody (after Heath Ledger’s post mortem win for The Dark Knight), why not RDJ?

It’s right on time to put Robert Downey Jr’s. name out there for Oscars thought without knowing the remainder of the potential challenge in 2019. However, a few fans are as of now ready.

We simply need to check whether the buzz can bring all the way to the finish of 2019. It is when the Oscar talk truly warms up. Generally, real films open in pre-winter, with progressively sensational artist jobs getting peered toward for Academy Awards. Be that as it may, Black Panther remained on the radar until Oscar night, so there’s no motivation behind why RDJ’s fans can’t in any event trust that he is recalled by the Academy when designations are declared in mid 2020.


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