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Why Does Richard Madden Wish To Play Negative Roles? Lets Hear It From Him

Richard Madden expresses that wants to play villain on screen. He says that he is tired of playing the good guy on screen. The actor said “Bodyguard” has made him realise that he can portray a person “with few bad characteristics”.

“I spent my 20s playing Romeo. Twice, literally, and then versions of it. So I was glad to move into my 30s and be in a place where I might be the villain. I’m used to playing a guy with a few bad characteristics. With that, you think, ‘What has made you this way?’ and you justify them,” Madden said.

The actor played David Budd, a troubled and PTSD-suffering personal bodyguard of UK’s Home Secretary, played by Keely Hawes. The series tries to explore that a character can often alternate between the dark and light sides of his personality.

Before last year’s political thriller shot Madden into worldwide fame, he played mainly heroic characters on screen. One with Robb Stark in Game of Thrones being his biggest jobs. However, his role in Jed Mercurio’s scintillating series offered the actor something fresh to sink his teeth into.

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He said a second season hasn’t been developed just yet. This bares his character some time to grow before his return to the screen.


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