What To Expect In The Next Installment Of Guardians Of The Galaxy?

guardians of the galaxy

With the most awaited movie of decade hitting the screens in April, the Golden era of Comic fans has come to an end. The ending of the latest visual masterpiece has opened a few ways for the story to move forward. Falcon gets the Captain American’s shield. The last movie of Phase 3 i.e., Spiderman: Far from Homecoming is about to hit the theatres in July. Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2 and Black Widow are in in-development stage.

Last few minutes of Endgame also shed some light on the possible collaboration of Thor with Guardian of the Galaxy. A Comic named “Thor: Gods, Gladiators, and Guardian of the Galaxy” was digitally released in 2017. In this comic Thor along with Guardians of the Galaxy Korvac and his Minions of Menace, Fans are speculating that the installment in Guardian of the Galaxy will be based on this comic book. We all want to see Star-Lord going one on one with ‘The Strongest Avenger’ for the post of captain in the spaceship. So hopes are very high on the “As-guardian of the galaxy”.

Marvel studio has confirmed that Phase 4 will run for 5 years from 2020 to 2024. They will feature superheroes like Silver Surfer, The Eternals and many more. The studio has not yet revealed that who is going to be the big baddy this time. But they have a very long list of supervillains who can make Thanos look like a kid. So, fingers are crossed on what MCU is going to unravel in the future.


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