WHAT?? Is Tom Cruise Going To Space? Find Out Here

Tom Cruise

Last year’s Mission: Impossible—Fallout was a towering success. This is the best action film since 2014. This is considered as the pure action movie after The Mad: Max: Fury Road. Also, it set a franchise record, racking up $791 million at the worldwide box office. It established the director as a successful one. Also, the overwhelmingly positive reactions of its audiences and critics have made it a satisfactory hit. Also, it offered Christopher two more rounds of it.

The tricky thing? In the previous three features, Tom Cruise has scaled the tallest building in the world. This is clung to the side of an ascending airplane and dangled from a helicopter. In terms of wow factor, where the hell do you go from there? How do you continue to raise the bar? We’re asking because we straight-up have no idea. Fortunately, McQuarrie understands this quandary and is planning to deliver for M: I parts 7 and 8.

Moreover, McQuarrie told, “I pitched the idea of making two movies, and now I have to justify why it’s two movies,”. Further, he said, “You’ve got to earn that. You’ve got to make something that swallows the last three movies whole. I’m freaked out now. We’ve talked ourselves into something. Holy shit.”

However, some of the franchise fans are playfully hoping for Cruise to travel in space. They are teasing that Cruise’s Ethan Hunt should head to space. This will get his long-overdue Moonraker moment. Thankfully, that isn’t in the cards.

Also, the production house is trying it’s hard to meet our expectations. This is as the studio bulks up its roster of heir-apparent blockbusters.


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