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Some Unknown Facts About Rami Malek That No One Knows

Some Unknown Facts About Rami Malek That No One Knows

To many fans, it almost seems like actor Rami Malek came out of nowhere. He was getting small roles in Hollywood for quite a few years before bursting into superstardom. Here are some interesting lesser-known facts about Rami Malek:

1. Arabic is his first language:  Though he was born in Los Angeles, California, his first language is Arabic! Thanks to his parents, who came from Egypt in search of a better life for their family, Malek spoke Arabic at home until he was about four years old.

2. He went to school with Kristen Dunst and Rachel Bilson: Malek went to high school at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks and actually attended school with two future celebs. He was in the same grade as Rachel Bilson and actress Kirsten Dunst was in the grade below him.

3. He has an identical twin brother, Sami: Rami Malek is one of the lucky few who grew up with a sibling that was closer to him than most: his twin brother Sami.

4. His First Acting Role Was A Guest Starring Gig On Gilmore Girls: He actually put in a few years of work before Mr. Robot, including on the show Gilmore Girls.

5. He Delivered Pizza And Made Falafel In Hollywood To Make Ends Meet: Malek was working at restaurants making shawarma and falafel and even delivering pizzas.

6. He Had His Buck Teeth Prop From Bohemian Rhapsody Cast In Gold: Malek ended up getting some fake teeth that looked more similar to Mercury’s than his own teeth.

7. He Had A Small Role In Twilight As An Egyptian Vampire: You may have missed it entirely, but it turns out he plays a small role as a vampire from Egypt in the movie.

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