Have A Look At Zayn Malik’s Best Vocals Till Date

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik has quite embarked himself in the music industry. He is known as a powerhouse singer. This maintained during his One Direction days. Now he has continued to flourish his solo career also. This with Mind of Mine and beyond.

As we wanted to honor some of Malik’s most standout vocal moments. Whether it was on a 1D track, his own or someone else’s. So here is the list of the best one:-


Malik’s voice sounds passionate no matter what song he’s singing. But when he’s singing sexually charged lyrics. The one like those of his debut solo single, he reaches a whole new level of vocal vigor.

“It’s You”

While the entire track is hauntingly beautiful. But the lead-up to the chorus is definitely the most awe-inspiring. Especially when he sings it lives


Although most hard-core Directioners aren’t super appreciative of this One Direction-shading tune. But, however, it’s hard to deny that Malik sounds great singing it.
If this song doesn’t really do it for you. You pay close attention to how he sings the line. The lines are like that, “I’m tryna f—ing scream, but the words won’t come out.”

“Like I Would”

This track is a bit of a catchier, radio-friendly way for Malik to show off his vocals. But his performance on The Voice specifically when he belts out “He don’t know your body” really showcased them.

“No Control”

A song that gives Louis Tomlinson more of a spotlight. This in comparison than many other One Direction tunes. But also there Malik still steals the spotlight. This with a big moment about three-fourths of the way through.

“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”

This is the for which the Taylor Swift collaboration was done. This was sung in for Fifty Shades Darker)
Teaming up with Taylor Swift can be tricky. Considering she’s pop music’s sweetheart. But while her whispery vocals sound great, Swift takes a backseat to Malik’s dreamy falsetto.


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