Have A Look At The Expected Twist & Turns In Lucifer season 4

Lucifer season 4

Lucifer fans are excited to see how Chloe Decker reacts to Lucifer’s true face. Will love have an upper hand in Season 4? In the finale of Season 3, Chloe Decker (Lauren German) finds out about Lucifer’s evil side. She is not ready to believe it yet. The fans never got to see her reaction and the final season left everyone full of questions. How will Chloe react to it? The viewers were excited about the pair’s romance. Will it end after the revelation of Lucifer’s truth?
Is knowing he’s the Devil going to be a roadblock to them going to Bonetown?

Certainly, Lauren knows very well that the fans are dying to see her reaction when the show returns. But she said that this may not be an end to the couple’s romance. There is still hope for the couple, even after Decker’s worst fears have come true. She would take time to accept the truth but may go on to support and love Lucifer despite everything.

Confessions from the cast
However, the actress admits that more than the truth. But it’s the uncertainty that was getting to her. Opening the Pandora box was truly terrifying for her. But Chloe was also at peace after that. This is as she finally got to know the truth that she was seeking all along. Lauren added that at times, you just love people for no reason and that’s the case with Chloe and Lucifer.

So it is highly likely that the pair would go ahead with their plan of Bonetown. Even if they get past it, Eve could be a threat to their relationship in Lucifer season 4 as well.


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