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Duffer brothers of Stranger Things Get Sued Find Out Why

Matt and Ross Duffer are set to go to trial in a case. This is about whether they lifted the notion for their Stranger Things off other filmmakers. Lawyers for both sides in the dispute were in court Thursday. To limit the scope of what the jury will and will not be able to see and hear.

It turns out the jurors will see a lot less starting May 7. When it comes to how much Charlie Kessler says the Duffers hoovered up from his Montauk film and other material. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Stern sat down to focus on a slew of revealing documents the Duffers and Netflix want to be kept out of the public eye.

However, it was revealed early that Kessler’s team was now dramatically limiting the scope of the case. Especially after deposition on Wednesday didn’t go as planned.

The plaintiff’s attorneys are turning the volume down on a number of issues. It includes comparing Kessler’s script and the Stranger Things pilot. This comes after the plaintiff’s lawyers’ own expert saw documents in his deposition. He admitted undermined his conviction that the Duffers didn’t create the Netflix series.

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“Application to seal is denied,” Stern told the defendants in a blow to the Stranger Things team to keep travel for scouting and other data under lock and key. As for the sanctions sought by Kessler’s attorney, following some mocking by Stern, Kernan withdrew the motion. The issue remains unresolved and Stern will read the rest in the next trial.

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