Top 3 Memorable Moments Of Robb Stark in Game of Thrones.

Robb Stark

Robb Stark, the oldest son of Eddard Stark, gained huge popularity among the fans before his demise in the mass slaughter of Red Wedding. Damn George RR Martin! His clever battle tactics earned him the title of Young Wolf. He was the original King in the North everyone vowed to swear allegiance to.

Let’s talk about few Robb Stark moments in the epic drama series Game of Thrones.
1. Capturing the Kingslayer(Season 1, episode 9): Ahh, who can forget this episode. Robb Stark outwitted Tywin Lannister by misleading him on the troop sizes. It was a massive moment for young Robb. He showed the rest of the north that he was someone worth following and had a keen mind for military tactics.

2. King in the North(season 1, episode 10): Coronation of Robb Stark was one hell of a rocking episode in the history of Game of Thrones. Defeaning sound lords repeating ‘King in the North’ was sure a goosebump moment. Young Robb fills his father’s shoes and accepts the oaths of lords.

3. Call me boy again(Season 2, episode 1): Conversation between Robb and Jaime was something everyone was waiting for. His witty reply to Jaime for calling him a boy was worth hooting for.

The way he died was a heartbreaking one. Totally unanticipated one. He deserved a battle. A real fight. But this is what Game of Thrones does.
“He’s a boy, and he’s never lost a battle”.This quote will stand true.


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