Zayn Malik Has Some Different Rules Of Living His Muslim Life What Are They?


Casanova of the music industry and style icon of youth, Zayn Malik was recently spotted in the shooting of a song for upcoming live-action fairy tale movie Aladdin. Born to a Muslim family, former One-direction star grew up in East Bowling, Bradford City Centre. Zayn does not want himself to be called a Muslim.

He does not want to identify himself or want any link with any religion. Although he confessed that he had “Spiritual Belief” in god but now he does not practice any traditional rituals of Muslim. Like offering Namaz, eating Halal food, reading the holy Quran. And it was not a total surprise. As he was always reluctant to discuss any religion in public. But at the same time, he was not critical to any religion. It was just his opinion to stay away from it.

Some fans accepted as citing him a liberal man free from shackles of outdated traditions. On the other hand, few people accused him of derogating the “Islam” and were disappointed in him. There was a mix of positive as well as the negative response on social media. Well, there are a variety of people around the globe.

And he is a role model of millions of youth. His actions do all the justice to his fame. A personality which is polite and has a rationale mix of objective and subjective views in the world. He is one of those persons who prove that to be a good human being does not necessarily mean following any religion.


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