Will Tyrion Lannister survive for the final? Have A Look At The Theory

Tyrion Lannister

Fans of Tyrion Lannister will need to hold their breath while watching the final episodes of season 8, as Tyrion Lannister may DIE!  New theory joined a few dots in the death of some major characters.

The theory suggests that the characters die the same way they killed someone else.

Prediction of Death of Tyrion Lannister







Bronn was last seen leaving King’s Landing with the crossbow given to him by Cersei. He was told to kill Tyrion and Jaime. According to this theory, he may as well succeed in doing so. But of course, it isn’t true for everyone. Else Daenery’s end would be to die in fire by her dragons. The scriptwriters would need to arrange Arya’s death with a sneak attack.

All of this can be extremely preposterous. You never know what may happen on the show.


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