Wanna know why people are going after the searching ‘Thanos’ on Google? here’s the secret!


Do you remember how disheartening and shocking it was when you saw everything changed into dust with just a snap of Thanos gauntlet in avengers infinity war? Google is taking us down that road again with a unique search trick.

Google wants us to experience the power of that one snap. Google want to experience how it feels when your desktop doesn’t feel good like the spiderman
all you have to do is search for “Thanos” on Google and click on his Infinity stones’-studded Thanos gauntlet, placed on the right-hand side of the screen in the information box.

The magic will begin just the moment to click on the gauntlet. You will notice that your search results are fading away. The Google page will move up and down automatically and your search results start to disappear in front of your eyes even the superhero results are fading away. Google also displayed a reduction in results from around 87 million to 43 million

There’s, however, Once the results disappear click on the gauntlet again and You will see Thanos using the Time Stone to restore everything back to how it was originally. and everything will go back to how it was in the beginning, restored and intact.

Google had developed more tricks like this. There are several words that you can search in your google search and you will be surprised.

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